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links for 2009-02-12

  • "Experts of color look at asset building through a race lens. Their work documents racial gaps, analyzes the reasons for the gaps, lifts up cultural perspectives on how to build assets, and tests innovative ideas to promote asset building for groups less well served by mainstream institutions, products, and practices."
  • The world is rife with complex, unyielding, and often brutal problems that cross all kinds of boundaries – geographical, sectoral, and functional – from the local to the global levels. These problems range in fields from finance to climate change to mass attrocities to health to corruption. Meanwhile, an ever broader range of stakeholders across government, private sector and civil society are creatively working to address these problems. iScale works around the world from the local to the global levels to dramatically scale the impact of these efforts.
  • Lots of scenarios as to what publication of the Balen report might bring, among them, obviously, grist to the mill of either side, massive amounts of missing the point, and loss of trust in the bbc's editorial fairness.

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