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links for 2009-01-24

  • Word has it you watch "House" quite regularly. What else is on your DVR?

    Who has spilt the beans? I have some suspicions… oh well, you will also find, in alphabetic order, Bones, CSI, Numbers and lots of science fiction, B action films and B fantasy films. I confess that I use what I watch to rinse that spongy, gray material that lies behind the eyes.

  • The navigational metaphor – and all the spatial concepts that come along with it – is all-pervasive in design for the web. Web users « get from one page to another » and designers try to create « navigation systems » which « show the user where they are, and where they can go ».
    But these metaphors are terrible: the pages on a site do not relate to one another the way points in space relate to one another. The ideas of orientation and movement have no analogues in web infrastructure or end design. The specific arrangement of links in site maps, « nav bars », and hierarchical displays is usually meaningless. And most importantly, people who are using the web are doing something altogether different than people who are actually navigating.
    In this presentation I will discuss the flaws in the navigational metaphor, where it came from and how it became so pervasive and the faulty context it creates for both theoretical progress and practical working arrangements in design teams. I wil
  • paul dourish on interface design.

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